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La Revolución Capilar!

Satin Sensation was created by Juan Alberto Dipaolo, with over 35 years of experience as a professional hair stylist.
His relentless pursuit of excellence led him to always work with products of the highest quality, internationally recognized brands; but this time decided that he could create your own product and developed this amazing formula called SATIN SENSATION, made from wheat amino acids, which is why its called THE HAIR REVOLUTION!

Its a product free of formaldehyde, ammonia and cysteine teolicolatos. This does NOT have the necessity of leaving this product in your hair and without any contact on your skin for several days.
No trauma of blow drying the hair with the product on and producing toxic fumes.

A product made from wheat amino acids, pure protein for your hair.

Rejuvenates your hair, it will provide shine, texture, softness and the most incredible thing is that your hair will have a flow to it.
Recover life and movement of your hair.

The capillary revolution

ADVANCE Highlights System

Highlight system
It is the first application system that does highlights without a cap or foil.

Unlike the above systems ADVANCE allows many advantages not only for economy product
but also working time, customer convenience, lower risk of punishment hair
greater accuracy in the application of the technique and the more localized highlights.

 From the standpoint of exclusivity, ADVANCE grants the Professional a new way to earn income
more profitably, quickly and safely.

 This allows you to differentiate yourself from other colleagues making your job more creative and attract new clientele at the same time. Some clients are tired of the old traditional methods, seduce them by trying a new technique to improve your appearance in minutes.

 According to the ability and creativity of professional ADVANCE offers a range of possibilities,
since different products may be combined simultaneously. For example: make highlights in a single color,
in various colors and tones, lighten and darken the hair at the same time or get creative with colors its all up to you and your capability and what you want to achieve.

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